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Dave, (Pappy) Bus driver for 5 years "I gave all my grand kids their first bus ride"
Tom, Special needs van driver for 2 years " I drive a preschool blind student, he knows my voice and I always get a big smile!"

Brenea, Mom and bus driver
I love that I have the same schedule as my kids and my husband, so we all get more time together.

Call today 724-266-4322

Have you ever considered a career in the student transportation field ?
Even when school is not in session we have work available, with summer camps and Extended School year programs,
You could be doing a Community Service and get paid for it !!

We offer:
  • Excellent pay rates
  • Flexible shifts
  • Comprehensive  training programs
  • Ongoing training
  • Modern buses and vans
  • Camera equipped vehicles
  • Student management programs
 If you:
  • Have good driving skills
  • Live a drug free lifestyle
  • Are in good health
  • Are concerned about the welfare of our youth

You could be eligible to join our great team, transporting our next generation of children to school.
We at Rhodes Transit would like to invite you to join our team of professionals who take the responsibility of safely transporting our students very seriously.
Our staff will train qualified candidates to become a transportation specialist. If you are a parent, small business owner, student or retiree and this opportunity appeals to you we would like to interview you. 
Must have or let us help you obtain a commercial drivers license
  • Be able to pass an annual comprehensive physical examination
  • Participate in our drug and alcohol prevention program
  • Agree to a criminal history background check
  • Submit to a driving record investigation
  • Have your public records checked for abusive behavior
The Rhodes Transit team is proud to serve the great citizens of Beaver County and we take our profession very seriously.
If you are interested in joining our team, please call us 724-266-4322