When there is a student who uses a wheelchair, we provide a specially equipped vehicle, this depends on how many students are on the route, it could be a Van, Mini bus or a full size school bus.
We use specially designed securements to hold the wheelchair in place, in addition to a seatbelt system to keep the student safe.
If the student is using a new WC18-19 Wheelchair, we will need to be notified in advance so that we prepare the vehicle as these types of wheelchairs require heavier duty securements.


The School District enforces the School bus rules, the driver or attendant reports infractions to the district and the district requests the video from the bus so they can confirm what the infraction was and who was involved.
The rules are the same for all Districts:

Listen to the driver

No eating or drinking

Remain seated while on the bus

Do not reach out of the window or put your head out the window

Do not throw items

The safety rules are in place to make the bus ride safer for all students.

School delays and cancellations

During inclement weather, Rhodes Transit dispatches a road safety team to inspect roads in each School District that we serve, the safety team is checking for icy conditions, snow build up on road surfaces and looking at areas where students will be waiting for the bus, we also check all the weather services for forecast information, all this is then relayed to the Superintendant of each District so that they can make an informed decision on whether School can go ahead as normal or delay/Cancel.

When a District cancels due to weather, it is normal that all vehciles supplied by the District will not run, this is due to safety concerns, there are some exceptions to this rule regarding special needs transportation, and you are encouraged to check with our Dispatch office to see how your student could be effected.