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Special needs transportation

All new applicants joining the R.J. Rhodes transit team will meet all requirements as set by Rhodes Transit. They must be willing to interact with exceptional children and be able to complete all training requirements. Current Drivers/Aides All current drivers and aides on Special Education buses will be required complete a refresher-training course that will include: On Board Evaluations: Each year every vehicle route that transports students with special needs will be subject to on board evaluations by the special education coordinator. These evaluations will include: Hands on Training, This particular form of training is one that we feel is very important, and will be conducted as required
This training will include: The proper use of any type of equipment that is found on a particular bus. * Training in any type of assisted learning device that a child has on a bus (visual schedules, social stories, PECS books, etc) * Correct crisis management procedures. * Proper ways of working with each specific child. * Vehicle Evacuation drills procedures. * Any other special concerns or situations that one particular child may have that the driver and/or aide deal with on a regular basis. R.J. Rhodes has adopted these procedures to insure the very best results for each child’s safety and comfort while being transported.

Private charter
We also offer School buses for private rental for:

  • Conferences
  • Sporting events

Our rates are very competitive, please contact our Dispatchers office for more information.